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Yasutake Iwana, "Signpost"

May 18th - July 13th, 2019
taguchi fine art, tokyo

Taguchi Fine Art is pleased to announce the second solo show by Japanese painter, Yasutake Iwana during above period.

Yasutake Iwana was born in 1987 in Mie prefecture. After his graduation from the painting course of Seian University of Art and Design in Kyoto in 2010, he stayed in Germany, studying at Art Academy in Duesseldorf as a guest student until 2012. Currently living and working in his hometown, Shimagahara village in Mie. He joined the group show, "New-wave Artists in Mie" at Mie Prefectural Art Museum in 2015 and will participate in a group exhibition "Aomori EARTH2019" at Aomori Museum of Art this October.

He is a founding representative of the art group, gMitsunoki (tree with sap)g in Shimagahara village organized in 2013 and is leading various activities deeply rooted in its local history, climate and culture. Recently this group is really noticed as an example of Art-Collective and Localism in contemporary art. His paintings are created in this activity, of which motifs are the nature and the religion in the village. In many case he starts the work from concrete objects around him, they are, however, highly abstract and really sophisticated..

On this occasion, exhibition is divided to two terms. In the first half period, installed are the paintings of which motif is the signboard of "Mitsunoki". Iwana tries to depict the situation that even his companies who built the signboard together are leaving the village and the signboards are left to rot.
In the second half period, installed are his other recent paintings as ones inspired by "Naribana" - cherry branches sticking rice cakes or with it rolled around - which is one of the offerings in the agricultural rite of his village, Shushoe.

From 17:00 through 19:00 on the opening day, Saturday, May 18th, we will have a reception for the artist. Looking forward to your visit.

*This show is realized by the cooperation with the co-representing gallery of the artist, MA2 Gallery, Tokyo.